Inter Cultures et Langues


About us

Since its foundation in 2010, A.I.C.ELL offers French classes for non-native French speakers at "Maison Ferber" community center in Caluire, just North of the beautiful Croix-Rousse neighborhood of Lyon. Adults from around the globe (28 nationalities – 4 continents) have joined us to practice and improve their French. Our classes also offer a wonderful opportunity to share and discover new cultures as well as the French culture and everything that our region, city, and neighborhood have to offer.

A.I.C.ELL is a non-profit organization ("Association Loi 1901").

You can contact us at or at the numbers below.

Classes start in September (we follow the "Zone A" school calendar). We hope you will join us! We accept new students throughout the year.


French classes and conversation

Our French-as-second-language classes are free. Full French immersion.


  • Tuesdays, 2pm to 4pm (during school term)

  • First class: Tuesday September 27, 2022

  • Maison des Associations (Maison Ferber): 14 rue du Capitaine Ferber, Caluire-et-Cuire (69300)

  • Contact Elisabeth Brpyer (06 98 21 03 27) 

These classes are designed for non-native French speakers who want to improve their French speaking skills.

Annual membership: 25€.

Japanese classes

Classes are designed for adults.

  • Weekly classes with Yuka Fujiwara (during school term)

    • Thursdays, 9:30 to 10:30am (intermediate level; reading and literature class)

    • Thursdays, 10:40 to 11:40am (all levels; thematic conversation class)

  • Welcome Day for all: Thursday September 22, 2022

  • Meeting room of the "Bon Accueil" club : 17 rue Pierre Brunier, Caluire-et-Cuire (69300)


Tuition: 198€ per year (one course) or 297€ per year (two courses) + 25€ annual membership.

English conversation

English conversation/roundtables led by an English teacher. These sessions are designed for intermediate and advanced non-native English speakers.

  • Two Tuesdays per month, 10am to 12pm (during school term)

  • First meeting: Tuesday September 20, 2022

  • Maison des Associations (Maison Ferber): 14 rue Capitaine Ferber, Caluire-et-Cuire (69300)

  • Please contact Elisabeth Broyer (phone: 06 98 21 03 27)


Annual membership: 25€.

Maison des Associations

14 rue du Capitaine Ferber

69300 Caluire-et-Cuire

Salle du club Bon Accueil

17 rue Pierre Brunier

69300 Caluire-et-Cuire